Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Liberal Government’s most excellent economic sense or Chequebook euthanasia 101

Maybe I’m a bit slow but I’ve finally cottoned on - the current Australian Government views itself as a business (maybe they all do). And, as we all know, business is solely concerned with profits and will jettison those aspects of the business which are no longer productive or necessary for profit and growth.

I am not writing this to inspire outrage, hatred or despair. I offer this as an observation on the performance of a government that is no longer concerned with subterfuge or camouflage – they are flagrantly thumbing their nose at the public, doing exactly what they wish, with no attempt to hide it. It is an observation that disgusts me.

I am convinced that somewhere behind the doors in Canberra there are a group of policy makers who take this viewpoint and look at Australia like this:-

The Government is the board of directors. Taxpayers, although you may equate them to shareholders, are really only the “mum and dad shareholders” so they only get a little return for their investment e.g. infrastructure, education etc. The major and most important shareholders, even though they don’t pay their  fair share of taxes – their investment is made through donation, power and influence - are the banks and ‘big business’ (and they certainly must not be made to feel ‘pissed off’), therefore, the majority of policies put forward must be in their favour.

Furthermore, each member of the population is a potentially productive unit. Those that are productive are encouraged and, to an extent protected, by government policy. However, there are many units that are....
  •  Old and worn out, and whose function has been replaced. Those who’ve managed to store enough energy, i.e money, to keep themselves going are okay. They have enough resources to keep themselves and the government happy. They are many others who don’t, and must rely on the government’s support in order to survive. or
  •  Sick or damaged beyond repair, or manufactured with inherent faults. If these units are lucky enough to have the support of other energy abundant units then they will probably be okay too. There are many who do not, and must rely on the government’s support in order to survive. or
  •  Capable of work but are either surplus to requirement or otherwise unattractive in some form. Again, if these units are lucky enough to have the support of other energy abundant units then they will probably be okay too. There are many who do not, and must rely on the government’s support in order to survive.
So what to do with these unproductive units that are a drain on profits? Well, I’m pretty sure that, if they thought they could get away with it, there would be people in favour of the gas chamber - at the very least, they've probably joked about it among themselves. Our anglophile Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, may well have been looking to the old country for inspiration. Here's what they’ve come up with - a slower more insidious form of homicide.

Depiction of Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions UK - but we may shortly be able to superimpose Scott Morrison, incoming Minister for Social Services.

The term is ‘chequebook euthanasia’. It works like this…the government cuts funds to as many support services as it can get away with. Where it feels it must pay, it pays as little as possible and preferably with some punitive requirement.

The outcome of this is that the unfortunate units listed above have insufficient energy for...

  • Healthy food. They either don’t eat enough or they are forced to buy cheaper food that is far less nutritious, at best, and detrimental to their health, at worst. Okay, so now these units are under stress in addition to having an under functioning immune system. This leads, inevitably, to ill health.
  • Housing. One of the things that is going to cause huge stress for people is the fear of having nowhere for themselves or their family to live. Good stuff! Here the government makes policies that will help the energy abundant units acquire more energy. Plus it invites investment from overseas units, all of which creates competition, making it more difficult and creating stress for the unfortunate units and homelessness for the least productive or wanted units. This stress impacts health - physical and mental illness, addictive behaviours and increased suicide.
  • Employment. Well, now here’s a great opportunity. If the government can create as much stress, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness as possible those unproductive units might just do the government’s work for them and opt out permanently. And don’t think that they wouldn’t pursue this line – you need look no further than accusations made in the UK for example.
  • Healthcare. The government ensures that receiving the healthcare of choice is a big financial burden for the units - not huge though because they want to be voted back into power. Either the units choose not to access healthcare or they cannot access enough to make much difference.
    What does this mean? Early death of unproductive units = less drain on profits.

    Through this method the government will rid itself of unproductive units. Yes, it’s a lot slower than gas chambers, and it may look inhumane to those at the mercy of funding cuts but to the rest of the units, unaffected, it is made to look like very good fiscal sense. But remember the government has to be careful lest its productive units view their less fortunate fellows with a ‘there, but for the grace of God, go I” attitude. Thus, the policies are ‘spun’ through the media – we are told of the benefit to the whole country, and any who suffer as a result of the policies obviously deserve it. In this way the government ensures that those that are in a comfortable position, or who have never really known what it’s like to be one of the unproductive units, or have never considered that the government would have anything but their best interests at heart, apathetically accept what is fed to them - the ‘sheeple’ sleep on and government quietly euthanize a portion of the population without anyone suspecting that that was their intention all along.

    Tumblr Quotes

     Do not despair though. There are millions of people waking up across the globe…Transition Towns… Switzerland’s proposal of an unconditional payment for everyone has great merit… There are communities pulling together everywhere so that those in need may be better supported…There are authors such as Charles Eisenstein with his book “Sacred Economics” illuminating our current situation, and proposing a shift to “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible”…and commentators such as the controversial Russell Brand bringing a much needed alternative viewpoint to the manipulated mainstream media…there is so much activity happening at the grass roots level that inspires hope and excitement for the future that surely it must overcome the destructive path our current government has chosen.

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